(Not Erotic)

Since ancient times, civilizations and cultures ancient stones have always been entrusted to for medical purposes and for riequlibrare chakra dystonic or take action on energy vibrations negative. And the fire and heat in general, are always valuable allies for the purpose therapeutic.
Combine all these elements together by life Hot Stone Massage, known for some time Massggio as stone therapy, practiced thousands of years and recently re-launched in around the world.
The therapeutic effect is obtained on the body basaltic rocks, volcanic, but from beds of the Ganges and other rivers.
The therapy is accompanied cobn action oils or flavorings.

In general, this type of treatment is indicated in case of:
  • Muscle pain, rheumatic or arthritic
  • Back Pain
  • Stress
  • Insomnia
  • Depression

The Hot Stone Massage helps to:
  • Dissolve the muscle stiffness
  • To improve joint mobility
  • To relieve the tension of the vertebral Lanyard
  • Decongest the lymphatic deposits
  • Improve the absorption of liquids
  • Helps the body desintossicare
  • Keeps the skin smooth and relaxed
  • Not to mention the benefits on mood and well-being spirit, which too often tends to overshadowed by the body.
75 min
 Fr. 150.-
90 min
 Fr. 180.-
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